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Do you work on your feet in a challenging environment, like a lab, hospital, factory floor or the great outdoors? Now there’s an app for that. Our Labacus® apps are built for mobile workers:

  • Workers need to complete all required steps of complex workflows in jobs where they move around
  • People need to keep accurate and complete records of what they do and see while they work
  • Data and notes made away from the desk must be incorporated into the electronic record
  • Data entry must be optimized to eliminate wasteful busywork and transcription errors

Protocol Labacus® mobile app puts procedures on iPad, Tablet or Laptop »

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Protocol Labacus® mobile procedure app

For workers who use checklists, SOPs and the like to manage their work tasks. Smart procedure tracking software combines step coaching, recording, timer, materials prep, equipment methods and instant write-up. Runs on iPad tablets and those running the Android operating system as well as other mobile devices. Reports are automatically transferred to your desktop or database.   Learn more »

Chemistry Labacus® digital laboratory assistant

Designed and built for the organic synthetic chemist. Pocket sized mobile device with software for on-the-spot note taking; instant write-ups; structure drawing linked to stoichiometry; built-in reagent database.   Learn more »

Enterprise Portal integration package

Link your Labacus® to your Electronic Lab Notebook or LIMS. Capture details of experiments right in the lab and seamlessly synchronize them to your enterprise knowledge management software. Available for both commercial and custom in-house systems.   Learn more »

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