Digital Laboratory Assistant

21st Century Computing Power in Your Lab Coat Pocket

Instant Writeup™
Write better lab reports with less time and effort.
Generates English text experimental writeups based on observations made in the lab and recorded using simple pointer taps.

Sigma-Aldrich Reagent Data
Quick reagent data search and easy use of the data in calculations.
Labacus contains data for 40,000+ reagents from the Sigma-Aldrich catalog in electronically searchable form. Tap your selection and data are inserted into your calculation.

Automatic Calculations
Update experiment plans easily and accurately, right in the lab.
Enter a measured amount and Labacus updates stoichiometry calculation table based on actual measurements, automatically providing amounts in appropriate units.

Easy to Learn
Get comfortable with the Labacus quickly and easily.
Sketch your reaction right on the screen, just like a note pad. Write text notes in your own handwriting. Capture your chemical procedures with a few taps of your stylus.


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