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ProductUnit Price*NumberPrice
Protocol Labacus® Suite
(includes PL Mobile, PL Designer and PL Server)
Protocol Labacus® Mobile$625
Protocol Labacus® Designer$825
Protocol Labacus® Server$975
Chemistry Labacus® Software only**$300
Discount/Special Order 
* For orders of 10 or more click here
* For academic pricing click here
* Prices as of January, 2014
** We currently sell Chemistry Labacus through our website as a software-only product.
If you are interested in the full hardware/software Chemistry Labacus, please click here

2. Specify Additional Support (Optional)

Purchasing Support

Additional support hours can be purchased in 4 hour packets at a discounted rate.

ItemUnit PriceNumberPrice
Four (4) hours of support$300


Free Included Support

Each purchase of Protocol Labacus® Suite, Mobile, Designer or Server, or Chemistry Labacus® comes with a number of hours of free support that can be used any time within one year of the date of purchase.

ProductFree Support Hours per License
Protocol Labacus® Suite
Protocol Labacus® Mobile
Protocol Labacus® Designer
Protocol Labacus® Server
Chemistry Labacus®

Support Guidelines

Support is provided by email, phone and web-ex, billed in 15 minute increments.

If you use up your free support hours and need additional time, support is provided at a rate of $100/hour, billed in 15 minute increments, with a minimum of 15 minutes ($25) charged per support request.

If you and Abacalab agree that you have a problem that requires an on-site visit, you pay Abacalab personnel travel costs and a minimum of 8 hours of time at $100/hour (any unexpired free hours you have from a purchase may be applied towards the 8 hours).

After 8 hours, Abacalab personnel on-site time is billed in 15 minute increments at $100/hour.

We do not charge for travel time within North America. We will charge for travel time to sites outside of North America.

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ProductUnit PriceNumberPrice
Protocol Labacus® Suite$1600
Protocol Labacus® Mobile$475
Protocol Labacus® Designer$625
Protocol Labacus® Server$950
Chemistry Labacus® Software$300
Additional support (4hr blocks)$300
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