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Do you work with complex data? We can help you with a unique blend of experience, intelligence, creativity and understanding.

  • Engineering We provide specialized design and development personnel to help you manage your resources and ensure success on tough IT projects. More »
  • Workflow We create optimized IT solutions for complex work environments by applying expertise in workflow applications and mobile interface design. More »
  • Users We bridge the gap between the user base and IT worlds with people who have dual experience in software and “wet” science. More »
  • Complexity We extend the scope of commercial technical software to solve tough problems in integration, correlation and data mining. More »
Simplify complex technical IT projects. Rely on qualified outside expertise from Abacalab.

Understanding users

Success on projects with complex requirements depends on a clear and nuanced communication with the users. Our consultants have high-caliber backgrounds in science as well as software, and have the language skills to determine the real project requirements and convey them to the engineering team.

Reconciling stakeholders—Competing needs from different interest groups can torpedo your project. Our consultants weigh concerns from business, IT, technical and production groups to help architects and designers come up with a system that benefits everyone.

Work Processes

By thoroughly investigating how, where and why your data are created and used, our team helps you define a complete software solution that can improve the way your people work, rather than a disconnected collection of single-purpose tools.

Worker Interactions

As computers become ever more ubiquitous, people spend an ever larger fraction of their time using them. Our experience in mobile devices and user interface design and implementation can help your project improve worker efficiency in a wide variety of environments as well as just handling data.

Complex Data

Often, out-of-the-box technical and scientific software has limited "one size fits all" functionality. Our people can apply extensive experience in a variety of scientific and technical fields to solve your real-world problems by extending data models and implementing business rules and knowledge management processes.


Abacalab Consulting Group provides the capabilities to deliver your project on time and within budget. Our people are skilled in modern development methods including Agile project management, test-driven development and a variety of development tools and platforms. They also have a track record of quickly learning new technologies and incorporating them into existing projects.

Project Scoping

Clear foresight about relationships between features and workflow and about interactions of new software with other systems enables our consultants to help you define the scope of a project not only with respect to resources and features, but with an eye to completing and integrating it into the workplace successfully and on time.

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