Our Team

Abacalab is fortunate to have a core team of extraordinarily talented people with top-notch educational credentials supplemented by multifaceted experience.

Their broad base of experience in science, engineering and software is key to the company's success in communicating with scientists, analyzing the complex requirements of scientific software systems and implementing focused solutions.

Our Leadership

MARY REPPY—Ph.D., President

Dr. Mary Reppy has a record of achievement in scientific innovation, leadership and project management and championship. Her strategic planning skills are responsible for the successful fruition of a wide range of projects in scientific research, software development and other areas. She has 18 years experience in research and development in academic, non-profit and industrial settings.

  • MS, PhD – Cornell University
  • BS – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Director of Research at Analytical Biological Services Inc
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California, Berkeley
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at SRI International

MICHAEL G.P. REPPY—Ph.D., VP of Development

Dr. Michael Reppy's background includes laboratory work in polymer and materials science, while his current expertise is in modern software design and development. He has 14 years experience in scientific research and software engineering.

  • PhD – University of California, Berkeley
  • BS – Harvey Mudd College
  • Senior Reseach Chemist at Elsicon, Inc.
  • Senior Chemist at Alnis Biosciences
  • Senior Chemist at ZMS, LLC

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