Location, location, location… At Abacalab, our mission is to create better mobile computing tools to help people on location — in factories, laboratories, the great outdoors and all of the other places where people don’t work at a desk. Giant strides have been made in mobile devices in the last twenty years, and we believe they can help working adults as well as texting teens. Our passion is creating mobile applications that help people handle complicated workflows and information — “rocket science” on the go. Our vision is a world where computing power can be at your fingertips wherever you are, and more importantly your observations, understanding and creativity can be connected intuitively and conveniently wherever you work.


Abacalab was founded by laboratory scientists in 2003 to help knowledge workers who work outside the office by developing cutting-edge mobile computing technologies that meet their needs. Abacalab is a small privately held company with headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. Our top-notch team members have broad backgrounds in computing and a variety of scientific fields as well as communication and graphic arts. Together we analyze the nuances of modern dynamic work environments and create innovative mobile software that helps people spend more time doing what they love and less time as human copy machines.

Products and Services

The Chemistry Labacus® personal digital assistant for synthetic chemistry was first released to the public in Spring 2006 and has been frequently upgraded with new capabilities since then. Chemistry Labacus® has been used by chemists at companies around the world, in industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and materials, as well as in government and academic labs.

The Protocol Labacus® software package, released in October 2011, will address the needs of a broader audience, providing mobile procedure and SOP management for a wide variety of technical workers in out of office locations such as laboratories, clinics, plants and field environments. Protocol Labacus® takes advantage of tablet computer hardware and web-based software technologies to provide flexibility that functions with different workflows and situations.

Abacalab Consulting Services, started in 2008, puts our team and their skills to work on outside projects to build and upgrade informatics systems that can handle the complexities of the real world. Our people work independently or in collaboration with your team to provide quality results. We get things done using our experience in workflow analysis, software project management using agile methodology, and system architecture, design and implementation.

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