Does Your QA System Travel Well?

Ours Does!

Do you sometimes forget something important?

We Can Help.

Having Trouble With Detailed Notes?

There's A Better Way.

Writing Reports Got You Down?

We Can Help.



The idea is up to you, but we can help you with the rest!


You know a good plan is key to achieving good results. Our Labacus® apps focus your work plan into a step by step process and make it easy for the people doing the work to follow every step, collect all required data and report their results. Learn More»


Improve the ease and accuracy of your reports. Our Labacus® software products record observations on the spot, eliminating errors in transcription and human memory. Typing up mental or paper notes after the fact will be a chore no longer – you simply enter measurements, observations and notes on a mobile device right where you are working. Learn More»


Abacalab Consulting Services can improve your tools for acquiring raw technical and scientific data and converting them into the knowledge that drives your business. We apply modern informatics engineering technologies to enhance your existing systems or build new custom systems to meet your needs. Learn More»


Make better quality information a part of your permanent e-record. Easily integrate Labacus® tablet apps with your existing Electronic Lab Notebook, LIMS or database. Your team or ours can access structured data collected on location in real time through standard database tools and make them available through commercial or in-house ELNs and LIMS. Learn More»

The Abacalab Mission

Complexity and mobility: How do you integrate information technology with complex work tasks that take place in environments where mobility is required, such as laboratories, clinics, manufacturing plants, and field environments?

Now tablet computers can be used on location to keep track of detailed information about what people do and see while they work. Enter the Abacalab family of laboratory experts.

We provide tools, software and services that bring computing power into the hands of workers in a mobile and convenient form and integrate the data with state-of-the art electronic lab notebook and LIMS systems and modern desktop office software.